Other Building & Construction Companies For Sale

Dive into the vast expanse of building and construction on BizTrader. From niche builders to diversified construction services, our listings present a myriad of opportunities in this sector. On BizTrader, blueprint your future, exploring myriad avenues for acquisition or sale, all nested within the broad spectrum of building and construction businesses.

52 y/o Family Owned Rebar Fabrication Company

California, USA

Long standing, well run, reinforcing steel/rebar company looking for a new owner to take it to new heights. Current owner took over from his father in

Other Building & Construction Companies For Sale

Established Steel Construction Business

Placer County, CA, USA

This well-known Welding and Fabrication business has supplied Steel Construction services in its current location for decades. If you have welding and

Other Building & Construction Companies For Sale

Building Supply and Installation Company

Washoe County, NV, USA

This building supply business provides important elements necessary to build residential construction. The new owner of this business would need to ge

Other Building & Construction Companies For Sale

Long Established Equipment Sales & Repair

Santa Clara, Santa Clara County, CA, USA

This equipment sales and service business has been established for 40+ years with an excellent reputation. They sell and repair equipment including un

Other Building & Construction Companies For Sale

Residential Construction & Design Company

Santa Clara County, CA, USA

Founded in 1960, this company has completed wide-ranging residential projects from full bathroom and kitchen remodels to constructing a basement under

Other Building & Construction Companies For Sale

Janitorial & Construction – 25yr SBA loan with RE

Sonoma County, CA, USA

BUILDING MAINTENANCE AND CONSTRUCTION WITH REAL ESTATE--$420,000 SDE in 2022!Established 40 years. Maintenance provides recurring revenue and generate

Other Building & Construction Companies For Sale

278-22644 Established Profitable Sod Farm Distribution Business in North Carolina

Wilmington, NC, USA

Markets Served: Wake, Chatham, Durham, New Hanover, Brunswick Counties & All Of Eastern NC 2023 Numbers are on track to double 2022 Numbers Fant

Other Building & Construction Companies For Sale

Scaling National Insulation And Drywall Platform For Sale

Denver, CO, USA

One of very few companies providing both insulation and drywall nationally, which is a clear differentiator for obtaining contracts and increasing rev

Other Building & Construction Companies For Sale

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