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Golden Opportunity for Silicon Wafer Production

Alameda County, CA, USA

Here is your opportunity to own a turnkey silicon wafer production facility. The company is well established with decades in the business. This 20,000

IT & Software Companies

Software Firm With Recurring Revenue From Products And Services For Sale

Hays County, Texas, USA

Our client is a software company that generates recurring revenue through its products and services. These include a mobile app development service al

IT & Software Companies

Auto Fleet Tech And Analytics Maintenance Software Company For Sale

Los Angeles, CA, USA

• It is estimated that the marketplace for connected cars and automobile data is will reach $400BN by 2030 • There are currently ~280MM registe

IT & Software Companies

SaaS Criminal Identification Platform With Fortune 500 Client Base For Sale

Washoe County, Nevada, USA

Our client developed and operates a multi-market high-demand system capable of identifying criminal subjects in seconds. Access to the cloud-based sof

IT & Software Companies

278-20529 Seller Financing! Software Construction Company For Sale.

Raleigh-Durham, Durham, NC, USA

Seller is also offering a option to lease try before you buy.We are a different type of company and you are not buying a traditional business that’s

IT & Software Companies

Profitable High Level Project Management Software For Sale

Fair Lawn, NJ, USA

Our client is offering software designed to manage projects in both the high level software and smaller, non-software project arenas. Our client’

IT & Software Companies

Patented World Leading Iris Recognition Technology Firm For Sale

San Jose, CA, USA

Our client is a world leader in iris recognition technology with a large production capacity based in USA. They are a multinational corporation with a

IT & Software Companies

Award Winning Robust High End Benefits Software For Highly Compensated Employees For Sale

San Francisco, CA, USA

The Company is a direct, high end, national provider of planning solutions that uses proprietary high-speed data technology, service, and integrity to

IT & Software Companies

Midwest Software Engineering And Digital Marketing Agency For Sale Agent: Rick Carlson

United States

This company offers custom software solutions and outstanding digital marketing services to reputable clients across the globe. It is quite possibly t

IT & Software Companies

Software Technology Platform For VAR’s For Sale

Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

As technology has become and will continue to become a driving factor within economies worldwide, the marketplace for Value Added Resellers (VAR’s)

IT & Software Companies

Open Source Search Engine For Sale

San Jose, CA, USA

Our client’s website is a directory and search engine which helps people find and compare open-source projects to use in building software. The webs

IT & Software Companies

Video Recruiting App For Sale

Tampa, FL, USA

Our client has an AI driven web-based software which turbocharges the hiring processes. It also keeps hiring local with job posters or ads attracting

IT & Software Companies

Patented Video Access System And Property Management Software For Sale

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Our Client is a unified Real Estate Property cloud-based software technology. The Seller is the inventor of a patented lock/unlock, Video Access and B

IT & Software Companies

QMS For GovCon Clients SaaS Company For Sale

Los Angeles, CA, USA

A fully-remote leading Performance Management and Contract Acquisition / Management Software Provider is available for sale. This company has been hea

IT & Software Companies

Fast Growing WISP For Sale

Sacramento, CA, USA

With the ever-increasing demand for internet speed and connectivity, there is a race taking place among the major ISP’s within the more densely popu

IT & Software Companies

SoCal Net Custom Software Design And Development Agency For Sale

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Founded in 2008, the Company is a custom software development company that designs, builds, and maintains mobile and web app designs for their clients

IT & Software Companies

Software Development And Engineering Company For Sale

Waxhaw, NC, USA

The Software Development and Engineering Company is a limited liability company and was incorporated in January 2018, by the founders and current owne

IT & Software Companies

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