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Discover the architectural wonders of construction companies on BizTrader. From groundbreaking developers to specialized builders, our listings showcase the vast opportunities in this industry. With BizTrader, construct a future of promise by diving into the realm of buying or selling within the dynamic landscape of building and construction enterprises.

Longstanding Specialty Contractor & Design Center

Ottawa County, MI, USA

Cash Flow: $177,000

We are pleased to offer an exceptional business opportunity: A contracting & remodeling company with a primary focus on kitchen and bathrooms, fea

Construction Companies

278-22164 Established Profitable Drywall, Plaster & Stucco Company For Sale

Wake County, NC, USA

Cash Flow: $410,477

It is an easy to run business which will be easy to take over and run as all the pieces are already in place. We have a well-maintained websitewith a

Construction Companies

Technology First Design-Build Construction Company For Sale

California, USA

Cash Flow: $13,000,000

The real estate market in California is a well-known and worldwide sensation. For any established Construction Company within the CA landscape, depend

Construction Companies

Massive Untapped Potential Home Construction Co. For Sale

Hampstead, NC, USA

Cash Flow: $95,000

We are representing a bespoke, custom home builder that has in many ways been able to separate themselves from the competition as being a 1-of-1 withi

Construction Companies

Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Business For Sale

Mission Viejo, CA, USA

Cash Flow: $237,002

Are you interested in entering or expanding in the contracting industry? This is a remarkable opportunity to acquire a well-established contracting co

Construction Companies

High Net Exterior Remodeling Construction Company For Sale

Wilmington, DE, USA

Cash Flow: $665,000

The Exterior Remodeling Construction Company is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) located in the state of Delaware. It was incorporated in 2002 by the

Construction Companies

Commercial And Industrial Construction General Contractor For Sale

Charlotte, NC, USA

Cash Flow: $2,750,000

This commercial and industrial construction general contractor was founded in 2006 after the founder determined that the construction general contract

Construction Companies


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