Precise market data. Insightful economic analysis. Accurate valuation.

Knowledge is power, and before you even think of buying or selling a business, there's so much you need to know. You'll find it all in's valuation report. And it's all FREE.

More than just an appraisal, a valuation report uses technical, industrial, geographical, and financial information to assess a business' current and future worth. It includes economic conditions, financial analysis and other information that is used to determine a business' value. It's an indispensable resource - whether you're setting the price or making an offer.

A detailed valuation can also help identify what is needed to increase the value of the business, attract new capital, or project potential proceeds from an initial public offering (IPO).

Valuation reports are crucial for both sellers and buyers. While other factors come into consideration, sellers generally base the asking price of a business predominantly upon the information found in this report. Sellers can get more information and articles about the importance of valuation reports and their influence on the asking price here.

Buyers who want to make sure an asking price is competitive or who want to compare businesses in a certain market, can use a valuation report to verify that information. For more information on the influence of the valuation report, buyers can click here.

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