Q)  What are the steps to selling a business?
A)  We know that selling your business seems complicated, which is why we offer as much value added advice as possible. Make sure to visit our library of articles regarding selling a business at www.biztrader.com/toolbox/
Generally speaking there are three steps to selling a business:
1) Pricing the business, which BizTrader does for you;
2) Marketing the business, which BizTrader does for you; and
3) Transferring ownership, which a lawyer will handle for you (you can find a lawyer by using the Find a Pro section of Biztrader at www.biztrader.com/professionals/
We have years of experience in helping owners to use the internet to find qualified buyers. Discover the latest trends in marketing your business and how to carry out the selling process. Discover common pitfalls of selling on your own and how to avoid them.


Q)  Why should I sell my business using BizTrader.com?
A)  Go to http://www.biztrader.com/toolbox/view/seller/ to read why selling your business on BizTrader makes sense.

Q)  How do I find businesses that are listed for sale on BizTrader.com?
A)  Click Buy at the top of any page or simply click here. On the Businesses for Sale page, pick one of the three options to search for business in our database. You may search by Country, State, Asking price range, Business Type or Listing ID. You can also do an Advanced Search to enter more specific search criteria.
Country and State Search: The first option allows you to search by city and state, and also allows you to limit the results by Business type. For example, if you stipulated New York State and then chose Dry Cleaners, the database would show all Dry Cleaners in New York City.
You can also limit results to those businesses with an asking price within a stipulated range.
Finally, you can jump directly to a specific ad by typing a business's Listing ID into the third search field. This search option is particularly helpful if you are trying to locate a specific Listing ID number that was referenced in a newspaper ad or on a business information flyer.
After you have selected your search criteria and submitted your search you will be presented with a list of businesses that match your search criteria. On the Search Results page, you can organize the businesses by Location, Asking Price and by whether or not they have photos.
 To sort the Search Results click the heading at the top of the column you would like to sort by. For Example: If you would like to sort by price, simply click Price at the top of the Price column. Clicking any column heading for a second time will change the sorted order to the opposite of what it currently is.
Click here to search for business for sale.
Click here to do an Advanced Search.


Q)  How do I save Favorites? Can I get notifications of new businesses for sale?
A)  Click Buy at the top of any page or click here to search for business.
To save a favorite: Open a listing you want to save as a favorite. Click Mark this listing as your favorite at the top left corner of the page. You will be prompted to login or create a new user account. After you have logged-in (or created an account) click My Favorites under Manage Account to view or modify your favorites.
To get e-mail notifications: On the search page (www.biztrader.com/buyers/) click the link under Email Updates on the bottom left side of the page. After you have logged-in (or created an account) click Saved Searches to modify your saved searches and e-mail notifications. New listing notifications will be sent to your e-mail address once a week.


Q)  Is it necessary for me to hire an attorney in order to sell my own business?
A)  In most areas within the United States it's a good idea to hire a qualified attorney to handle the sale of a business. A lawyer can act as an escrow agent for down payments, evaluate any complicated offers from potential buyers and handle closings.
When selecting an attorney, choose one who has had experience buying and selling businesses and don't be afraid to shop around for competitive rates.
Click here to find an attorney in your area.


Q)  How can I contact BizTrader.com?
A)  We 're here to help you. Contact Us

Q)  How do I place an ad on BizTrader.com?
A)  Steps to Place an ad online
Complete the listing form, and please don't forget to click on the white question marks in the red squares if you have questions specific to the form. Also, remember that red asterisks denote a required field.
Don't worry if you're missing some non required information, you can edit your listing as many times as you like at no additional charge.
When you have completed the listing form click Preview Ad to see a sample of your listing. The preview will include a filler photo. You will be able to upload photos of your business after you have activated your listing.
From the preview page you can click Activate this Ad to save your listing and create an account. Or, you can click Continue Editing to go back to the listing form and make changes. Don't click your browser's back button or you may lose the information you have entered so far.
After clicking Activate this Ad you will be given your account information. Write down your listing number and password or print this page - you will need this information to login to your account.
Click Activate to continue to the secure payment page.
On the secure payment page you will be asked to enter your credit card information and agree to the Terms and Conditions. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
Click Secure Transaction to activate your ad
When your transaction is complete you will be given payment confirmation and a transaction number. Please print this page, it is your receipt. Your listing is now active and viewable by potential buyers! You can now login to manage your listing and upload photos.
Please contact support if you need help setting up your ad.


Q)  What are the steps to take advantage of your distribution functionality? How long does it take?

Q)  How much does it cost to advertise on your web site?
A)  BizTrader has only two packages: Standard and Premium, which cost $19.00 per month and a one-time charge of $59.00, respectively. Both are effective and economical. Click Sell at the top of any page or simply click here.

Q)  How often am I charged?
A)  BizTrader.com only has two packages: Standard and Premium, Standard ads automatically rebill your credit card every 30 days, Premium is a one-time charge. To view the package descriptions click Sell at the top of any page or simply click here.
The Standard Package automatically rebills your credit card $19.00 every 30 days until you cancel*.
The Premium Package is a one-time charge of $59.00.

* Please note: It is your responsibility to cancel your account or feature at least one day before your next billing date to avoid rebilling.


Q)  How do I cancel my listing?
A)  Login to the User Admin by entering your Username and password at the top of any page of the website. Once in the User Admin click My Listings under Manage Listings on the left hand side of the page.

Q)  Can I upgrade from the Standard plan to the Premium?
A)  Of course. You will receive instructions on how to upgrade in the sign up process for the Standard package. Also, you may upgrade your Standard package at any time via your Seller Admin login.

Q)  How many people will see my ad?
A)  BizTrader.com provides the largest viewership of any website of its kind in the world!
Every month millions of people visit BizTrader.com and its partner sites. When you list your business on BizTrader.com you can track the number of times your ad has been viewed.
On top of our enormous traffic we also offer several options to give your business even more exposure! We offer the ability to expose your business on some of the biggest names on the Internet including Google, Oodle, Edgeio and Craigslist.


Q)  What is your success rate in selling businesses?
A)  Depending upon the metro area and region our success rates range from about 40% to 85%.
Attractive businesses (attractive locations, good financials, competitive asking price) sell quickly and unattractive ones don't.
We can guarantee that we will work diligently to insure that as many potential buyers as possible see your ad. And to this end, we spend a great deal of money every month on advertising both online and offline globally to insure we drive as many qualified buyers to your ad as possible.


Q)  Do you list any kind of business?
A)  Our site is for businesses of all types! When you create your ad you can choose the business type from our list that best describes your business. Buyers can then find you business by searching for all listings in your area or by searching for a specific business type.

Q)  On the form for a new listing it asks for a Display Name, what does that mean?
A)  Display Name is the name that will be posted on your ad under Contact Seller. Most people list their name(s). Examples: Christy Johnson or Rob and Jennifer. If you would rather keep your name private you can simply list Business Owner.

Q)  I got disconnected before I could activate my ad! What now?
A)  Don’t worry! If you received a Listing ID your ad has been saved. To activate, login and click Features and Upgrades to select a package and pay for your ad.
Don’t have your Listing ID? Contact Support for assistance (info@biztrader.com). A Customer Support Representative will locate your ad, if it was saved, or assist you in creating a new one.


Q)  I received an error message when I attempted to activate my ad, what should I do?
A)  There are several reasons that you may have received an error message. Some common reasons are described below as well as how to proceed if you received the specific error message.
Page Expired or Page Not Found: These messages generally occur when your internet service was disconnected during the ad creation process or if you clicked your browser’s back button and your browser had not stored the page. You should check to make sure that your computer is connected to the internet before proceeding. If you received a Listing ID your ad has been saved, you can activate it by logging in and clicking Activate Your Ad.
If you do not have your Listing ID please Contact Support for assistance. A Customer Support Representative will locate your ad, if it was saved, or assist you in creating a new one info@biztrader.com
Card Declined: This error message can occur for several reasons. You may have received this message because your credit card number, expiration date or billing address were entered incorrectly. This message also occurs when your credit card account does not have sufficient funds available or your bank suspects the charge as fraudulent. You should check with your bank to verify that your account is not on hold due to insufficient funds or suspicion of fraud. To try your card again or enter a new card, login and click Activate Your Ad to select a package and pay for your ad. If you do not have your Listing ID please Contact Support for assistance. A Customer Support Representative will locate your ad, if it was saved, or assist you in creating a new one info@biztrader.com.
A listing with the same address already exists: This error message occurs when a listing exists in our database with the same address. This can occur if you have previously saved a listing in our database or if a previous owner of the business had a listing on BizTrader.com in the past. If you would like to activate the ad you previously created, you may login and click Activate Your Ad to select a package and pay for your ad. If you do not have your Listing ID please Contact Support for assistance. A Customer Support Representative will locate your ad, if it was saved, or assist you in creating a new one info@biztrader.com


Q)  I created an ad already but didn't activate it. Can I still activate my ad?
A)  Yes! Even if an ad is never activated it remains in our database for six months. To activate, login and click Activate Your Ad to select a package and pay for your ad.
If you do not have your Listing ID please Contact Support for assistance. A Customer Support Representative will locate your ad, if it was saved, or assist you in creating a new one info@biztrader.com


Q)  I am a broker or owner with many businesses to sell, do you offer discounts for listing in volume?
A)  Yes! We offer discounted listing options for business brokers and investors who want to sell their businesses on BizTrader.com. Click here for pricing and information.

Q)  What is a BizTrader Valuation Report?
A)  A Valuation Report attempts to establish the market value of a business through the use of generally accepted valuation methodologies.

More than just an appraisal, a valuation report uses technical, industrial, geographical, and financial information to assess a business' current and future worth. It includes economic conditions, financial analysis and other information that is used to determine a business' value. It's an indispensable resource - whether you're setting the price or making an offer.

A detailed valuation can also help identify what is needed to increase the value of the business, attract new capital, or project potential proceeds from an initial public offering (IPO).

Valuation reports are crucial for both sellers and buyers. While other factors come into consideration, sellers generally base the asking price of a business predominantly upon the information found in this report. Sellers can get more information and articles about the importance of valuation reports and their influence on the asking price here.

Buyers who want to make sure an asking price is competitive or who want to compare businesses in a certain market, can use a valuation report to verify that information.


Q)  What is a Valuation Report used for?
A)  A BizTrader.com Valuation Report is used for several things:
Selling your business—our valuation report can help you set an asking price that is fair and attractive to potential buyers.
Buying a house—for buyers a BizTrader.com Valuation Report can help evaluate the validity of a business’ asking price. Buyers can place more accurate bids once armed with helpful financial data from a valuation report.


Q)  How can I advertise my business on BizTrader.com?
A)  Service Provider Directory: To list your business in our Find a Pro directory click Find a Pro on the top of any page on the site. Then click Join us under Find a Pro Area on the left side of the page or click here.
Strategic Partnership: BizTrader.com has many opportunities for strategic partnerships with any and all business related service companies. Click here to partner/advertise with us.
Banner advertising opportunities are available! To advertise with us click here.


Q)  Online Privacy and Security
A)  a) If I give you my email address, will you send Spam or sell it?
No. As a business policy, we never sell your email address or send you Spam.
Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

b) Will my e-mail address remain private after I list my business?
Yes. After placing an ad on BizTrader.com, your e-mail address is hidden. This security feature keeps your e-mail address from being added to bulk mailing lists and allows potential buyers to e-mail you through a form without having access to your personal e-mail address. When the message is forwarded to you, you have the option of replying to the message to reveal your e-mail address, putting you in charge of communication with the potential buyer.

c) I received a fraudulent or Spam e-mail through my listing. What do I do?
At BizTrader.com, we take Spam very seriously. If you have received a Spam message through your BizTrader.com account we ask that you forward the message to abuse@biztrader.


Q)  Managing Your Listing
A)  a) How do I edit my ad? How often can I edit my ad?
You can edit your ad whenever you would like and as often as you would like. To edit your ad follow the steps below.

b) Editing your ad:
Login to BizTrader.com by entering your Username and Password at the top of any page.
Click My Listings under Manage Listings on the left hand side of the page.
Select the appropriate listing(s).
After you have made your changes, click Preview Ad to see a sample of your listing or click Save Changes to save your listing. Do not click your browser's back button or you may lose your changes.
After you click Save Changes, you will receive on-screen confirmation that your changes have been saved.


Q)  Help! I am having trouble logging in.
A)  If you have lost your password, click "Forgot Password" at the top of any page or click here.

Q)  How do I reply to an e-mail from a potential buyer?
A)  You can reply to an e-mail through your personal e-mail account, by using the reply function in your e-mail program or by typing the e-mail address of the sender directly into the recipient line of a new mail message. We do not currently have a feature to reply to mail from your Selling Center. Remember, your e-mail address remains hidden from inquiring potential buyers until you respond through your personal mail account.

Q)  How do I find out how many people have viewed my ad?
A)  To find out how many people have viewed your ad, login to your User Admin and scroll down to the Quick Stats section of the Listing Overview. In this section you can see how many times your listing has been viewed.

Q)  Photos
a) When and how do I post photos of my business?
All listings come with the ability to post photographs. You will have the option to upload photos during the process of creating your listing. We recommend that you post photos-listings with photos get up to 80% more traffic than those without!
Photo Requirements: Photos should be 1 MB (megabyte) or less in size and they must be in one of the following file formats: .PPT, .XLS, .DOC, .PDF, .JPG, .JPEG or .GIF. Horizontally (wide or landscape) oriented or cropped, square photos will give the best results. Vertically (tall or portrait) oriented photos may be uploaded but are not recommended.

b) Photo Upload Instructions
New Customers: If you are setting up a new listing you will have the option of uploading photos during the listing creation process.
If you have an existing listing, login to your User Admin and click My Listings under Manage Listings.

c) What is the best photo to use for my Main Photo?
Your Main Photo is the most important of all of your photos and may even be the most important part of your listing! This photo will be the very first photo on your listing and your flyer.
Make sure to use a photo that makes potential buyers want to see more. When selecting a photo to use as your main photo, it is best to use a picture of the front of the business. Pick a photo that shows off the landscaping and other "curb-side" selling points. Most people will be drawn in by an "inviting" photo; one that is taken during the daytime and makes your business look clean and inviting is best. The goal is to entice potential buyers to read more about your business and click through your additional photos.