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Seattle's North Channel Kilts, in its 13th year in business, has no significant competitors in manufacturing or rentals in kilts in the Pacific Northwest, and such assets as prime booth positions in North America's largest and most profitable Scottish and Irish festivals, a large and detailed database of customer and sales information, and a per-item average purchase price of nearly $200. Take over a brand with huge growth potential.

ROPER'S INDEX (some facts about North Channel Kilts)

  • Oldest, and newest date for all sales and rental data: 9 Apr 1999 to yesterday
  • Average amount a customer spends per item when buying: $199
  • Average amount a customer spends per person when renting: $125
  • Percentage of North Channel's sales customers from Seattle: 22%
  • Percentage of rental customers from Seattle: 20%
  • Percentage of rental customers from Washington: 52%
  • State which represents the largest percentage of sales outside Washington: Colorado, 8%

North Channel's e-commerce site began selling in January 2007, and the company immediately hired specialists from two of the world's best interactive service agencies, Razorfish and Zaaz, to redesign the site for version 2.0. The completed wireframes and design comps for a new site are ready to be built, including a "Tartan Finder" that allows visitors to discover and learn about their family tartan and its history, which would be an industry first.

As part of the initiative to sell the company, we're moving to press with a professionally written and designed 40+ page prospectus that describes the company's history and includes details and analysis of financial data, operations, kiltmaking, tartans, a profile of the customer, the Web site, festivals, manufacturing, advertising and support. Please email us at for a copy.

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