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Unlimited Listings with No Listing Fee. Advertise all your business listings for free. Bulk upload 20 listings at a time. Affordable Premium Upgrade for just $49 allows you to upload unlimited premium listings which will appear on top of the search results.
Manage your prospects, your listings, and your leads all in one place. Edit and upload listings at anytime, create profiles for each prospective buyer, track the number of times your listings have been displayed and viewed as well as how many email inquiries you have received, manage and search co-brokers and much more.
Broker Directory Listing. Join our network of brokers and connect with buyers and sellers that need your expertise Market yourself and your services with a listing in our broker directory.
Co-Broker. Co-brokering is a win-win-win for sellers, buyers and brokers. Gain access to listings from other brokers willing to co-broker; and offer the listings of your choice for co-brokering with others.
Business Brochures. Brochures are a helpful component to selling your businesses. They provide information to prospective buyers in a simple handy form to help them remember your business. With a simple click, you can turn your online listings into a professional flyer that you can print or email interested buyers.
Video. Displaying a video is a terrific way to market a business online. Whether it is showing a video of a product or giving a tour of a location, adding a video to your business listing can help attract more potential buyers and help to sell the business faster.